Nailart: Random black and bright Dotticure

Hey everyone, 

I did this little random dotticure the other day and I am IN LOVE! I love the bright colours on the black base and the whole look of this! 🙂 I used some of my favourite colours by ChinaGlaze, Bottoms Up (bottle shown above) and At Vase Value.

Bottle shown: ChinaGlaze At Vase Value

Bottoms Up is my absolute favourite pink neon, it just pops so much and fits my skin tone really well! It also was the perfect match for At Vase Value, a very light blue that leans on the turquoise side – both are so pigmented that I didn’t even have to use a white base to make the colors show up over the black polish! Both are some of my overall ChinaGlaze favourites! 

Bottle shown: OPI Black Onyx

The black polish is OPI Black Onyx. I think the colours really pop on the dark base, I am just overall in love with this dotticure (in case you haven’t noticed 😉

Lots of Love,

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