Review: Laquerlicious polishes

Hey everyone,

I have some swatches of a bunch of awesome polishes by Laquerlicious for you today! I was so excited to try some of Michelle’s beautiful creations, so I ordered four polishes from her new Fall Collection as well as one polish I have been eyeing for a while now.. ๐Ÿ˜‰ But I’ll get right to the swatches because that’s what were all here for, right?!

Laquerlicious Indian Summer

First up is this gorgeous purple glitter called Indian Summer! I love everything about this one, from the colour to the depth to the formula, this was definitely a good choice!ย It’s a purple base filled with all kinds of multicoloured glitters and it sparkles like mad! Shown are two coats topped with HKgirl Topcoat by GlistenAndGlow. This is one of my favourites out of the four polishes I got from the Fall collection!

Up close bottle shot of Laquerlicious Indian Summer
Macro Shot of Laquerlicious Indian Summer
Laquerlicious Indian Summer
Laquerlicious Days Of Fall

Next up is Days Of Fall, which is a beautiful grey base with very fine purple and turquoise glitters inside. This one too is a really pretty, classy polish that looks beautiful in two coats, topped with HKgirl Topcoat. I think this is a beautiful colour for fall, just to wear on its own!

Up close bottle shot of Laquerlicious Days Of Fall


Macro shot of Laquerlicious Days Of Fall


Laquerlicious Days Of Fall

Laquerlicious October Fest

This is October Fest, a dark grey filled with blue, purple and silver glitter. It looks much darker and more blue on the nails than in the bottle, but it’s still a really pretty one. The formula was a tiny bit hard to work with, as the glitters made it a little bit chunky. Still it only took two coats for opacity and it’s a really pretty dark polish with glittery accents, perfect for fall. This was also topped with HKgirl Topcoat.

Up close bottle shot of Laquerlicious October Fest
Macro shot of Laquerlicious October Fest
Laquerlicious October Fest
Laquerlicious Sweet September
Sweet September is a gorgeous greyish/purple almost duo chrome polish with loads of purple shimmer in it! Also, application was a bit tricky here as it was a little bit goopy, but it was totally worth this amazing finish! It shifts beautifully in the light and is another one of my faves from this collection!
Up close bottle shot of Laquerlicious Sweet September


Macro shot of Laquerlicious Sweet September
ย Laquerlicious Sweet September

Laquerlicious Behind The Scenes

Ok, I have been eyeing Behind The Scenes for a while now, I’ve seen a few other swatches and thought this looked like anย amazing polish – and it totally is!! Everyone should own this insanely dotty polish, it’s the coolest effect ever! The clear base is filled with so many little glitters that theyย almost make a complete polish (if you know what I mean), it is just mind-boggling even looking at the bottle! Application was ok, as I said it’s packed with so much glitter it would have surprised me if it had slid onto my nail perfectly. It still works awesome though and I didn’t have to fight putting it on toย completely cover my nail. I did two coats and then filled out some spaces on the third go, mostly around my cuticles and at the sides of my nail. I finished off with my HKgirl Topcoat and BAM – awesomeness overload!! This has for sure gone right to the top of my list of really unique polishes in my collection, I love it!!

Up close bottleย shot of Laquerlicious Behind The Scenes
Macro shot of Laquerlicious Behind The Scenes


Laquerlicious Behind The Scenes

I hope you enjoyed my little review, I certainly enjoyed trying this awesome Indie brand Laquerlicious and I will certainly be buying so more of these! ๐Ÿ™‚ Check out Michelle’s store here and head over to show her some love on Instagram too -> @creativenailchick

Lots Of Love,

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