Nailart: Maniswap!

Hey everyone,

it was Maniswap time again, this time with my lovely friend Amey from @apolisheddream from Instagram! 

Amey chose to recreate my grey flower accent nails and I think she did an amazing job! Zoya Dove is such a pretty color and I looove her hand pose so much, so sophisticated! 

I chose Ameys gorgeous pink and white watermarble, which was a challenge as those are not really my strong suit! But I really like how they came out, even if they’re not quite as delicate and pretty as Ameys 😉

I used OPI Alpine Snow and Kiss Me I’m Brazilian for my watermarble and I really like how it came out! I’ve never done a petal pattern before, so I’m happy with my first try 🙂 I painted some little flowers into the finished marble with a dotting tool using the same colors.

You can check out Ameys blog at – she does some lovely nailart and is also really dedicated to her blog too! 🙂

Lots of Love,

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