Nailart: Saran Wrap Ice Cream Mani


Hey everyone,

I am currently doing a mani challenge on Instagram by the lovely @clairestelle8 and the promt for July 5th is ice cream! So you will be getting a little sneak peak before I actually post my mani on IG 😉

I immediately thought of the cute little ice cream cone charm I got from DailyCharme which I have been dying to use!

I did a saran wrap mani to match the colors of the charm a bit, using all Essie polishes in Bikini So Teeny, Fiji and Blanc.

I started off by painting my nails one coat of white and waited for it to dry. I then put some blobs of Bikini So Teeny, Fiji and Blanc on my nails and while they were still wet placed a piece of saran wrap over my nails and squished the color blobs together. I had pre-cut the saran wrap before doing this, it makes it much easier to do each individual nail.

Did some clean up and sealed in my design with the lovely HKgirlTopcoat by Glisten&Glow and placed my ice cream charm, voila! 🙂


I did notice though, that it is too freaking hot to do any nail art!! My polishes were so gloopy and thick as soon as I tried to apply them, it’s just not the weather to be doing nails..

That said, I’ll now be getting myself some ice cream (a real one though) and enjoy the weather!

Lots of Love,

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