Nailart: Nude and Bright Leopard Print

Hey everyone,

I am loving my super simple nude and bright mani I did last night and I thought I’d share some details on it! 🙂

I haven’t done a “classic” leopard print in ages, classic meaning using nude colours instead of pink and glitter 😉 For a pop of colour I wanted to pair it with a bright shade though, so I opted for Island Girl Surfer Babe.

Here is everything I used for this mani, minus the black acrylic paint:


I painted some of my nails with the turquoise/mint polish and used Essie Urban Jungle as a base for my two leopard print nails. I then painted some random dots with OPI I Sao Paolo Over There and then did some squiggles with black acrylic paint around them and filled the spaces in between with some random dots/squiggles too. I then sealed everything in with my HKgirlTopcoat by Glisten&Glow.


I had used Island Girl’s Surfer Babe in a mani before, but only to do some dots in a dotticure. I needed three coats for full opacity and it’s still a bit streaky, even though you can’t really see it in the picture. I probably could have applied it more carefully, but I was a bit disappointed with the coverage. I feel it’s just a bit too watery and doesn’t self-level very well 😦 Nevertheless it’s a gorgeous turquoise-y mint colour!


For some reason I didn’t really like OPI’s I Sao Paolo Over There as a full mani on all my nails when I first wore it and I think I still don’t. But for my nude leopard print, it was the perfect choice for the inner colour of the leopard spots. In my opinion, you want to choose a brown that isn’t too dark, so when you outline it with black it doesn’t get lost and is still visible, if that makes any sense.


Essie’s Urban Jungle just never disappoints, this polish is such a gorgeous soft nude with the lightest, tiniest pink undertones – at least in my eyes. I couldn’t get my hands on a European bottle, so when I got mine after ordering it online, I just switched the thin US brush with a wide European one for better application. I had specifically kept a nearly empty bottle of Essie’s Blanc for this purpose. White is a colour I frequently use and end up finishing lots of bottles of, so I always keep my empty Blanc bottles to use the brush for my US Essies 🙂

All in all, as I’ve already said, I am LOVING this mani a lot! I hope you enjoyed reading about my thoughts on the polishes, let me know if this is something you like to read and I’ll try and keep posts like these coming 🙂

Lots of Love,


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