Review: Born Pretty Store items

Hey everyone!

I was kindly offered to be sent a few items to be reviewed from the online store BornPrettyStore again, so I thought I would share my picks with you today.

This time I didn’t only chose nail art items, but also opted for some storage items for my nail art supplies.


I don’t know about you, but I am a bit obsessed with keeping things organised. I like to know where I can find what in my nail art drawers and I hate it when everything is a mess and I have to rummage around with wet nails!

In the past I have bought some studs for nail art on eBay and they all came in little plastic baggies. These kept ripping after opening and closing them a few times, which led to the studs spilling out and all over into my drawers. So I chose this standard little container for all my studs, and see how nicely they fit! I actually had so many that I filled up two sections with each colour, but I don’t mind that at all. Now this is my rectangular coloured stud container! 🙂



I also needed a bigger container for my nail charms, as you can only fit about one or two charms in the standard little containers like the one I just showed. I found this bigger nail art supplies container on the BPS website, that has six compartments that open individually. The plastic material is a bit thicker, which makes the whole thing a bit more sturdy, which I like.

It does have little gaps between the lid and the compartment when you close it though, so you might not want to store tiny things like caviar/micro beads in there. I did put my neon studs in one compartment, I guess I’ll see if they stay in there or find their way out on their own 😉 But overall I’m really happy with this container because it stores my bigger charms perfectly!


These are my five little nail art containers I store my small nail art supplies in! The small BPS container (bottom left) fits right in along with the others I already own 🙂


I already had gold and silver studs (which you can never have enough of in my opinion) but I was missing some really small ones in my supplies. These ones I picked were so tiny (0.8 mm to be exact), it was actually really hard to fill them into the two compartments of this nail art wheel! I feel like they are even smaller than caviar/micro beads, and I am excited to use these in future nail designs!


Lastly I chose a sheet of floral water decals. It came in a big sheet, which sadly was bent a lot to fit it into the package that was sent to me. I didn’t really appreciate the careless packing of the decals, but I managed to salvage the damage by cutting them up into four smaller sheets. The decals are these right here and retail for $3,99. I took some up close pics of the four designs and I really like the look of them! Can’t wait to put these on my nails, water decals are my personal favourite in terms of putting intricate looking designs of your nails really easily!



IMG_3234     IMG_3235



Thank you to BornPrettyStore for sending me these to try out, you can use my discount code GLW10 for 10% off your order if you would like to purchase something from their online store! 🙂

Lots of Love,



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