Review: ShopKeeki water decals

Hey everyone,

I was recently offered to review some water decals from the online store ShopKeeki.

I’ve seen quite a few manis using really cool and unique water decals on Instagram that I loved and when I went to read the caption to see who they were by, it was always ShopKeeki! And anyone who has been following me on Insta for a while knows I am a huge fan of water decals in general! They are super easy to use and you can spice up your nails instantly with intricate looking designs that didn’t take you long to do at all! 🙂 So of course I jumped at the chance to try some of the cute decals there were in the shop and Sally threw in loads more, which was super generous of her – another big thank you to you Sally!


You can get all sorts of different decals in the ShopKeeki online store and I wanted to show you some of the ones I received.

Above you can see some colourful decals, how cute are the Emojis and the Essie bottles?! Although I couldn’t decide between all of these if I had to!

I was told by Sally from ShopKeeki that the coloured decals work best over white, which seems obvious because they wouldn’t show up as well over a black base for example.


They also have a cool selection of brand water decals, like for example LOVE PINK and Chanel!


These simple black and white decals are super cute too and would also work great over coloured bases, as far as the base is not too dark. I already tried the birdcage and the unicorn decals, you can find some pictures of the finished manis further down this post.


Here are some more cool black and white letterings that are super fun, I can’t wait to use those Queen Bees!!


I have to say, I am most obsessed with these awesome TV series decals, I mean, Sons Of Anarchy, Gossip Girl and Mean Girls? Yes please!! I am pretty sure my next mani using water decals will include a Mean Girls quote, and I’ll probably post on a Wednesday too… 😉


So here are some facts about the decals, one sheet always comes with 16 designs on it. There are four different sizes, so you can choose the one that fits your nail best or use different ones on different sized nails, for example your thumb and pinkie, which I think is great! You can see my finger in the corner here for a bit of a comparison of the sizes.

thumb_IMG_5099_1024     thumb_IMG_5100_1024

The decals come with some instructions, which is great when you are using them for the first time. They also come with a teeny tiny little bottle of topcoat! 🙂

I’m quickly going to let you guys know how I applied the ShopKeeki decals, just so you can see how easy peasy it is!

First I cut the decals I want to use out from the sheet. If you can, cut as close to the decal as possible without cutting into it, this will help applying it neatly to your nail.

I then filled a little cup with normal tap water and dipped the decal in the water, holding it under water for 30 seconds. I used tweezers to hold it, so I didn’t have to stick my finger in the water too 😉

Then I took the decal out of the water and slid it off the white paper, it’s then on a thin see through foil. I place the decal over my dry, already painted nail and pat it dry, taking away any excess water carefully with a Q-Tip.

When it’s all dry, I use a little of the provided decal topcoat over the decal, when this has dried I apply my own topcoat to the whole nail to seal everything it. That’s it! 🙂

I am super impressed with the easy use and the big selection of super cute water decals in the ShopKeeki store, I bet you that you won’t be able to leave it without purchasing something! The prices are really great too!! You can shop them at

I hope you enjoyed this post, further down I have some manis I did using some of the ShopKeeki water decals so you can see what they look like when applied to the nail! 🙂

Lots of Love,

thumb_IMG_4300_1024 thumb_IMG_4671_1024 thumb_IMG_4894_1024

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