#CollabNovember 2015

IMG_6832      IMG_6833

Hey everyone,

if you’re not following me on Instagram, I’ll quickly fill you in on #CollabNovember – for the past two years, I have done a whole month of collaborations through the month of November, which means I only post collaborations with other nail girls. These can be BestieTwinNails, meaning you come up with a design you both want to do and then do the exact same mani, or a Mani Swap, where you pick a mani of the other to recreate.

I got a bunch of amazing girls together for #CollabNovember this year and it has been super fun! Even more than doing my nails for all the collabs, I enjoyed talking to all these sweet girls and getting to know them even better than I’ve known some of them up until now.

The other interesting part is also that all my collaboration partners were scattered around the world, so working out a time to post is always and adventure because of time differences! 😉

Eventually, designs were picked, times where settled, and the result was a bunch of amazing collaboration manis that I pulled together once more for this blogpost! 🙂


First up was the lovely @_nailsbyjacky aka Jacky, who found this super cute lemon design on Google and suggested we do some BestieTwinNails based on it. I am so in love with this design!! Mine turned out a bit more neon and the lighting was a little off, but I still like the brightness. It reminds me of pink lemonade!

IMG_6714  IMG_6079



Next I did BestieTwinNails with the goddess of Neon, @Clairestelle8 aka Claire!!

Surprisingly, we went with a neon design 😉 We decided on doing a “horizontal” neon rainbow gradient, as you can see we both interpreted horizontal in our own way! 😀 We also used some diamond stencils to give it a bit of oomph and I think they both turned out super cool!!

IMG_6713  IMG_6145



My third set of BestieTwinNails was with my name twin Shanna, from @shannasnailadventures!

She suggested this plaid design, which I have always wanted to do but never had the courage to attempt! I’m happy I was pushed out of my comfort zone though, even though my lines ended up being super squiggly!

IMG_6240 IMG_6712



Of course my girl Melissa aka @Melcisme had to be part of #CollabNovember!

I found this design on Pinterest, unfortunately there was no water mark so I have no idea who it’s by! But I loved this matte dotticure so much and we decided to go with it!

IMG_6242  IMG_6711



The first ManiSwap of this years #CollabNovember was with the lovely @justagirlandhernails aka Autumn!

Autumns manis are always flawless and beautiful, so it was super hard to pick only one to recreate! In the end I went with her classy greyish leopard print and loved it! She recreated my neon pink floral mani and did an awesome job, as always!!

IMG_6418  IMG_6305



More BestieTwinNails with the super sweet @naiildazzlee aka Dvisha!

She had recently gotten the A Night In Vegas collection from Pipedreampolish so she suggested a watermarble! Always scared of those because I’m not the best when it comes to watermarbling, but I really love how ours turned out!!

IMG_6609  IMG_6594



Another Mani Swap was with the lovely @kt_tk1 aka Kathy!

She went for my monochrome leopard print (one of my favourite manis ever!) and I chose her pink and black snowflake mani! The first seasonally appropriate one in this month of collabs 😉

IMG_6674  IMG_6663



The last Mani Swap for #CollabNovember was with the talented @twi_star aka Angel!

She went with my red and neutral leopard print and I went all out and chose her neon stamping/glitter mani! I had loved that one since the day she posted it a while back and had so much fun recreating it!

IMG_6735  IMG_6705



The last collab for this month was with the sweet @nailistayco aka Mari!

We decided on basing our design on LoveAngeline Orchestrated Amethyst, but weren’t sure what we should do. Mari then came up with this super cute design! I love purple, so this was exactly up my street! 🙂

IMG_6751 IMG_6830


These were all the collaborations I did for this years #CollabNovember, thank you to all the lovely ladies that were part of it and made it so much fun!!

Lots Of Love,


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