Review: Joshik Polish

Hey everyone,

the sweet Jojo from Joshik Polish kindly offered to send me some of her polishes to try and review, so that is exactly what I’ll be doing today! 🙂

I also have a discount code for you guys at the end of this blogpost so check it out before you make a purchase!


I’m not sure if I she asked me if I had a favourite colour when it comes to polish and I told her it was purple, or if she just guessed! Either way, I was quite happy with the selection she sent me.

My first impression was that I really liked the bottles. I think they look a bit like ice cubes which is kinda cool! The brand ANNY has the same ones (I think) and I always catch myself admiring the bottle, because it looks super cool when you can see the colour inside of the thicker glass, if you know what I mean!

Something I didn’t enjoy too much about the polishes were the small brushes. Even though my nails aren’t super long, I found the brushes on these were a bit hard to work with.

Something else I thought was really cute though, was that Jojo included this little Joshik Polish flyer. I like it because it gives the package a personal touch and you have some basic information about the brand if you’ve never tried it before.

IMG_7736  IMG_7737

Here is a look at the polishes she picked for me:


I got three purple shades, Groovy, Glammy and Luxe. I do enjoy a good purple, so I was really happy she sent me this selection! Although I wouldn’t have minded a pink one.. I do love a good pink! 😉


As she sent me all of these at the beginning of December, I am guessing she picked these two, Imagine and Peachy, for Christmas colours.

Before I show you the swatches, I just want to note that I topped all of them with one coat of HKgirlTopcoat by Glisten&Glow, just so I don’t have to mention it with every caption 😉


I’ll start with Imagine, a dark, shimmery green. I wasn’t too keen on this when I saw it in the bottle, because green isn’t exactly my go to colour. Even at Christmas time I like to use non traditional colours for my Christmas manis. But swatched, this was surprisingly pretty! I’m also not really a shimmer girl, but this one is gorgeous! Reminds me of emeralds and Christmas trees! Shown are two coats.



Peachy has to be my least favourite from the bunch. Not only was it hard to capture in pictures (as you can see) but the formula was quite thin and I needed three coats for the result you see above. And in the light, you can still see the free nail edge. The name doesn’t really match the colour either, it’s not a peachy red or pink, rather an orange based red, which doesn’t suit my skin tone at all. Sadly, this one was a miss for me.



Now let’s get to the really good stuff – the purples! Starting off, this is Groovy, a really pretty purple creme. Shown are three coats, which was a tiny bit disappointing, two would obviously been a bit nicer. Nonetheless the finished result is gorgeous and I love this colour!



Next purple up is Glammy, a rich and darker purple creme. Again, super pretty and this time opaque in two coats!



My favourite, not only of the purples, but from the whole lot, is Luxe. What can I say, I’m a sucker for deep, dark purple cremes and this one is going into the collection of just those! Shown are two coats, perfection! And of course I also like the name.. 😉


All in all, I was happy to try the Joshik Polish brand and I liked most of the colours. Only one was a complete miss, the other four are gorgeous shades, even though the formula tends to be a bit thinner the lighter they get. If the brushes were a little bit longer and thicker, that would be great!

You can shop Joshik Polishes at – Jojo has a beautiful selection of shades to chose from! She also gave me a whopping 20% off discount to share with you guys! Just use GLITTR20 at checkout to save!! How awesome is that?

I hope you enjoyed this review! 🙂

Lots of Love,


2 thoughts on “Review: Joshik Polish

  1. Gorgeous swatches! Luxe is definitely the winner out of these, but Imagine seems pretty nice too. Not the type I’ll wear on it’s own, but it will probably look great with black 🙂


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