Catch Up: Cocktails&Colors Event in Las Vegas

Hey everyone,

long time no blog! I feel like I say that far too often, but I find myself not having enough hours in the day (who does?) and don’t find enough time to blog 😦

But I recently went to Las Vegas for CosmoProf North America, which is a Beauty Convention that is held there every year and while I was in Vegas, I was invited to an amazing Indie Polish event! The lovely Jill from Glisten&Glow, whose topcoat is my holy grail topcoat I’ve been using for years, asked me if I would like to come and I was like hell yeah! I was even able to bring my boyfriend along, it was so nice of Jill to invite us both!!

I was actually super nervous to meet so many new people at once, but Jill gave me such a lovely and warm welcome I was immediately excited and happy to be there!

There were about 20 indie polish makers who had their little stations set up with their products, and after meeting Jill, Sara (Cupcake Polish) and Missi (Different Dimension polish) my boyfriend and I went around and chatted to all the indie makers and other guests.

It was such an amazing experience to meet all of the people behind the indie polish brands that I have been following and loving for years now, I honestly felt so honoured to be there and to be able to chat with all of them!!

Everyone was so nice and so friendly, I was so overwhelmed with all the kindness!

I have to say that it was especially lovely to meet Jacinta, the owner and creator of Powder Perfect! She is an absolute doll and it was so lovely chatting to and learning more about her and her brand!

The super sweet ladies of Ever After polish were so sweet and Miranda went out of her way to demonstrate every single one of her body care products for and on me, which are all amazing, let me tell you!!

I also really enjoyed talking to Missi from Different Dimension (thank you SO much for the lovely gifts!!), Sara from Cupcake Polish, Ashlie from I Am Custom Color, Joy from Joylacquer, Loucie from Lou It Yourself (that rainbow of polishes on her display.. don’t get me started!!), Pam from Girly Bits Cosmetics, Adrienne and Sarah from Fairmaiden Polish, Courtney from 6Harts Polish who had some amazing polish gems on her display, Kendahl from FirecrackerLacquer and many more lovely ladies! I wish I could name them all but there was so much going on that evening and I was chatting to so many people, it all became a bit of a blur! I’m normally really good with names and faces, but even I was overwhelmed by all the amazing people that were there! 😉

I also got to meet my name twin Shanna from @shannasnailadventures on Instagram which was awesome! She is such a sweetheart and if you don’t know her yet, check out her Instagram immediately!!

Finally meeting Jill of Glisten&Glow after chatting to her on and off for years now was definitely my highlight though! She is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met and I’m so thankful she invited me to this event! Sending you much love and even more hugs than we exchanged that evening sweetie!! ❤

As an added bonus, I (and of course all the other guests) was given a swag bag, which is essentially a goodie bag to which all the indie makers who attended the event added some of their products! And let me tell you, that bag was heavy!!!


I tore into it the second I was back in my hotel room for a first look! I had to squish everything into my suitcase and I swear I have never been that excited to unpack after getting back from vacation before! 😉

I’ve now thoroughly unpacked all the goodies from the bag and will start swatching and trying them, some polishes and products were exclusive to the event, but some will be coming out for everyone to buy very soon, so I will try and get my posts on Instagram and here up accordingly for you guys! 🙂

So this was a bit of a ramble, but I hope you still enjoyed hearing about this fabulous event! I hope to see all the people I met there again soon, maybe even next year..? Who knows! 😉

Here are a few more pics from the event, look at how beautifully everyone had set up their little stations!

 thumb_IMG_3846_1024 thumb_IMG_3847_1024 thumb_IMG_3848_1024

From L to R: Different Dimension Display, Anonymous Lacquer Display, Ever After Display

thumb_IMG_3849_1024 thumb_IMG_3860_1024 thumb_IMG_3850_1024

From L to R: Cupcakes!!, Missi and I, Fairmaiden Polish rainbow

thumb_IMG_3859_1024  thumb_IMG_3861_1024 thumb_IMG_3862_1024

From L to R: Shanna&Shanna :), FirecrackerLacquer Display, Glisten&Glow Display


Jill and I 🙂




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