Review: Madam Glam at home Gel Manicure

Hey everyone,

I was kindly sent some products to review by Madam Glam and I wanted to tell you a bit about my experience with them today.

Madam Glam does normal nail polish too, however I feel they are better known for their gel polishes. They offered to send me some of their gel polishes to try and since I haven’t worn any gel nails for about 12 years (I used to get it done at the salon regularly back then) I thought why the hell not give it a go!

I will say that I have some chrome powder lying around as well, which I have heard works best over gel polish, so that was another reason I said yes 😉

Madam Glam asked me if I would like to pick some colors from their website, but I was really busy that week so I told them to just pick some for me. My mistake, as I only liked one out of the four shades they sent me. But that was completely my fault, and I really did like the one that I wore!

Unfortunately I didn’t save the packaging, but they had packed the polishes in nicely padded boxes to make sure everything arrived safely, which it did!


These were the four colors they sent me, as you can see they have little color dots on the top so you can see what they look like, as gel polish can’t be in see through bottles like regular polish because it would dry and get goopy.

img_8971 img_8972

Here is a closer look at the colors, they sent me two opaque cremes and two glitters.

I’m assuming they pulled a matching glitter to each creme, but I only wore one single color due to not being in a glitter kinda mood when I did the gel nails.

Stylishly Fashionable (oh my god, cringiest name ever!) is a mauvy, dusty dark pink kind of color, which is also the one I chose to wear. Next to it is So Delicious, a pink glitter.

Deep Emerald is exactly what is says and Patrick’s Favorite is a green glitter which I am guessing is meant for upcoming St. Patrick’s Day.


I also received their gel base- and topcoat, which is needed for the whole gel manicure to work and last.

They asked me if I had a UV light curing lamp for gel and I said no, because I forgot I actually did already have one, which slipped my mind because I had never used it before – oops!

Madam Glam did send me one of their little UV lamps, which is super cool and adorable and really tiny, so you can take it with you wherever you want!

img_8957    img_8958

When I sat down to attempt the gel nails, I suddenly realised that the Madam Glam UV lamp has an american plug! Of course it would, but as I am in Germany and we have different ones, this was going to be a problem. I had almost bought an adapter plug from U.S. to German on Amazon when I realised that I had my own UV lamp! So I just used that one instead, even though the Madam Glam one is so much cuter than mine!


I chose to wear Stylishly Fashionable (uuuugh that name!!) and really loved the way it looked! I don’t normally reach for these kind of colors, but I was really feeling this one!

I’m sure you’ve read about how to apply an at home gel manicure about 100 times already, and there are about 14,583 YouTube tutorials on it as well (I should know, I watched them all before I even started doing mine!), but I’ll give you a quick overview of the steps:

1. Lightly buff the surface of your nails to give the gel a surface to adhere to

2. Clean your nails with some Isopropyl alcohol or acetone to rid them of any oils that may cause the gel not to stick to your nails

3. Apply a thin layer of the gel base coat, then cure under the UV light

4. Apply a thin layer of your coloured gel polish, cure again

5. Apply another thin layer of your coloured gel polish (thin layers are key so they cure all the way through), cure again

6. Apply your gel polish topcoat and cure once more.

7. To remove the sticky layer you may feel on your nails now, go over them with a cotton pad and some isopropyl alcohol

8. Done!

As you may see in the picture above, I accidentally smooshed into my pinky nail, although I have no idea when and how. I only noticed it when I was taking the final picture of the mani, so I can’t even give you any tips on how to prevent this from happening 😀 I mean, obviously don’t touch your nails when the polish is wet (gel or normal polish), because it will cause dents. But I thought gel polish was supposed to level super easily and not cause any dents like this but… whatever, I just went with it.

Being the polish addict I am, I only managed to wear my gel mani for 6 days before I got sick of the color and wanted something else. So I wore them from Sunday to the following Friday.

img_8784    img_8790

This is what my nails looked like after 6 days of wear. Still pretty good from this angle I’d say! I also put a little comparison side by side, top is after I applied them, bottom pic was taken on day 6 before I took them off.

I thought that the gel would make my nails a bit stronger, at least that’s what I remember from when I used to have gel nails. They didn’t break as easily, due to being reinforced by the gel. But I had quite a few booboos during my 5 days of wear, all after different amounts of time passing:

img_8952 img_8953-1 img_8954

On day 1, the corner of my pointer finger chipped.

On day two, the corner of my thumb broke. To be fair, it was a little chipped before I applied the gel polish, but I thought I would be able to reinforce it by applying the gel polish and even capped the tips and everything.

On day 4 my ring finger broke, you can’t see it well in the picture but basically it was as bad as my thumb.

So I was a bit disappointed by all the breaks and chips, but maybe I was wrong in believing the gel would make the nails stronger, like it used to do back when I had it done at the salon.

I didn’t put my nails to the test or anything, I just went through my days as normal. I have an office job, so I don’t really do much dangerous stuff to my nails apart from typing.

It may have been due to not having it done professionally, as I had never done my own gel nails before and maybe did something wrong in the process, but as I had mentioned I watched loads of YouTube tutorials using Madam Glam gel polishes before I attempted my own, so I’m pretty confident I did everything right.

What I didn’t like at all was removing the gel polish from my nails. Madam Glam didn’t send any products for the removal, and I didn’t have anything I could use at home. I’ve heard you can use 100% acetone, but I didn’t have any.

I asked my friend who used to do her own gel nails at home how she used to remove them and she still had some product left that she lent me. It’s the gel removal stuff by a brand called Anny.

So for the removal, I lightly buffed the surface of all my gel polished nails, put some of the Anny product on cotton pads which I then put over my nails and secured with some super cheap clips that I bought on Amazon. You can also use tin foil to hold the cotton pad to your nails as well.


I waited for 5 minutes and took the first one off. The gel had started to get soft and I started scraping it off with an orange wood stick. According to my research, this is how you remove the gel polish.

As it wasn’t coming off very easily, I waited a little longer with the other nails, before taking off the cotton pad and scraping the polish off. It felt really weird and not right at all! I never scrape stuff off my nails!!

When I had scraped everything off, my nails were a hot, rough mess. I went over them all with a buffer to smooth them out and make them shiny again. They looked a bit worse for wear, but it was kinda ok.

I can still see some weird patches on my nails though from when I removed the gel mani.. not too thrilled about that. I don’t think I would mind if I regularly wore gel polish, but as I don’t, I like to keep my nails looking happy and healthy.

Overall, it was an interesting experience to do gel nails at home, and I did like the way they looked!

I don’t know if I would do it again any time soon or on a regular basis though, because I feel like it does really take a toll on your nails health.

But maybe I was just doing it wrong, who knows 😛

I hope you enjoyed my review and found it helpful. Leave me a comment if you have tried a gel mani at home using Madam Glam products and if you liked them and had similar experiences to mine, I’d love to know!

Lots of Love,


6 thoughts on “Review: Madam Glam at home Gel Manicure

  1. I think you did a great job explaining your first experience, so that others will maybe not have too high expectations, a bonus for your readers, as too often we all read everything is so easy you can do it at home…so kudos for including everything!

    So far I have mostly used a peel off base coat since I am new to gels too, both to avoid soaking but also for me I’m not interested in longevity. But I can say the second and third time I did the whole soak off routine that it did get easier and I’m now not causing any nail plate harm. (My first time was rough too.) It is definitely a whole new way of doing things and takes getting used to. Pretty soon, I was thinking of doing a post to sum up my beginner experiences, now you’ve given me the confidence to share. Thanks!


    1. I ordered a peel off base coat I have seen used with gel manis too, im gonna give it another try and see how it goes! Taking them off was definitely the worst part!!
      Thank you for your kind words, I’m glad you liked my little review! 🙂 ❤


  2. Totally agree with you on the removal. I tried two brands and even searching using a peel off base coat my nails are now shit house. Never again!!


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